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What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a tool that allows you to follow the energetic lines of hurt, pain and trauma in your life with a cushion of positivity surrounding it in order for you to walk through it with more grace and ease.

It’s a guiding light to walking your truth with protection and safety with your thoughts, feelings and actions.


Give yourself the validation and opportunity to dive deeper into your inner world with the confidence that you will come out the other side with everything you need to truly rise higher, heal and gain clarity on the stories that are running your life. It's time to clear them for good and lead you to start hearing "YES", "YOU"RE APPROVED", "YOU'VE BEEN ACCEPTED", " WE WANT YOU FOR THE JOB!" and "SUCCESS!"

Why use hypnotherapy?

Have you ever struggled to make logical sense of the way you feel, the thoughts that race and swirl in your mind, or the things, places or relationships that make you feel blocked from achieving your goals?

Deep in the subconscious mind, when left unattended to, are the stories, pain and looped thoughts that are begging for your attention, love and care.

Without the right tools and coping mechanisms it can create a massive wave of discomfort, disappointment and undesirable outcomes in your life. 

Bringing my gifts in energy healing, psychic medium and spiritual practices as well as my studies in applied hypnotherapy this powerhouse trifecta will get to the root of any issue you're having, create a new space and time in your life to work through it with gentleness and confidence to show up to your life with a grounded and calming presence no matter what you're facing. 


3 Sessions - $400

Working with Lauren

With an extensive background in energetic, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical studies and practices, Lauren's mastery in her craft is always at the forefront when it comes to leading, healing and guiding herself and others through life's challenges.


She's overcome challenges such as low self esteem, heartbreak, CPSTD, narcissistic abuse, chronic illnesses, and more. 

Lauren has learned that with a strong foundation built and created for and by you is a clear and straightforward way to building the life you've always dreamed of and getting the outcomes you never thought were possible for you. 

When Lauren works, she isn't just working by the books, she views and considers all angles, listens to where you're at, combined with her past experiences and formulates the best possible path to working through the obstacles with gentle support, protection and spaciousness. 

Working with others is her greatest strength and she knows first hand the magic that happens when you show up for yourself and put in the effort together.

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