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All About Lo!

With seventeen years of experience as a bartender and ten years as a hairstylist, I spent years acting as a casual confidant to my customers, clients and peers. After almost twenty years of witnessing the vast spectrum of disconnect that is alive in the world and myself, I realized that I was ignoring the wisdom of my real gifts. 

I began my own healing journey about 6 years ago, after a massive burnout from years of letting myself get lost in other people’s energy and issues. I had completely lost sight of my Self and the boundaries that outline my own being. I lost the sense of what I was doing, why I was doing it, and who I was doing it all for. 


With my inside world covered in the shadows of pain, hurt, wounds, and trauma, I struggled with how to even exist in the outside world without feeling the constant pain of my own disconnect.

I knew that wasn’t who I was meant to be, and most certainly not who I AM. It was time for a different path.

I dove head first into Reiki Energy Healing to understand the root cause of the problems and embodiment practices like traditional yoga and Kundalini yoga to create the space where I could start to release my emotional traumas and rebalance my energy.  Once my body knew how to share its pain with me, I trained as a health coach to create a lifestyle that wasn’t limited to specific types of healing but encompassed positive physical changes to help encourage a better way of living in my own natural rhythm's and healing processes. 


My additional studies in astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, tantric sexuality, NLP, hypnosis, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), and business management have served to further maintain healthy external practices that support my soul. 

Human Design and the Gene Keys have completely changed the way I look at myself, others and life in general.

After constantly feeling like I was living in a world where one size fits all, to find a tool for healing that was unique for every individual no matter the appearance on the outside, was a Dream.

I’m here to show you it gets to be different. You get to learn how to love yourself in a way that resonates, feels good and empowers you to stand confidently in your unique and personal truth.

I’m here to remind you that your individual energy, authority and purpose in life is important and it’s calling you Home.

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Who's the main character in your story?


Your Guide to a Holistic

Approach to Healing, Empowerment and 

Authentic Self Mastery.

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