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If you're on this page, you're here for a reason...let's begin to discover exactly what that reason is...

Looking to upgrade your business, as a whole? Email me below and ask to schedule a consultation, different offers and rates apply.


Were you neglected as a child or had to become an adult way too early and take responsibility for things not age appropriate for you?

Were a parent, partner or therapist to a parent or siblings problems?

You never knew what a safe space felt like and struggled with how to handle emotionally charged experiences?

Were taken advantage of during times of vulnerability?

You want to and easily cared for everyone but still struggle with how to take care of yourself?

If you have, I can tell you from first hand experience…

imagining, creating and building a better world for yourself is possible.


You know exactly how to protect your heart while continuing to keep it open.

You hear and listen to the wisdom within and make things easy for yourself rather than always choosing the hard way.

You are empowered to know exactly how to give and receive what you need in order to avoid burnout and achieve your wants.

You easily articulate creative solutions and calm communication in high intensity situations.

You know exactly how to build yourself up after a mistake, rejection or fall.

You feel comfortable, safe and prepared in your ability to navigate deep pockets of stress that exist within the mind and body. 

You are confident in leading and guiding a conversation while maintaining your composure and integrity.

You believe in and understand yourself so deeply that you are attuned to your higher voice, stand courageous in your decisions, and trust your own internal compass to guide and lead you through life.

Good stuff, right?




  • Embodiment and Integration

  • Mindset of Self Mastery

  • Releasing Inner Conflict

  • Establish Self Trust

  • Untangle the Web

  • Heart Healing/Energetic Boundaries

My philosophy on creating a new and better present moment is to bring it back to the basics. Creating a path to listen to yourself again. The subtle and more quiet thoughts are key to landing in your true direction in life. Feeling your feelings deeply and intricately while accepting and letting it all be is the way I learned how to take aligned and right action for myself. Lastly, our self expression can sometimes be crowded by others thoughts, opinions and feelings and in order to know that you are speaking from a space that is authentically yours. The road to living with a more calm and relaxed nervous system starts with you following your own path.



About 8 years ago I went through something that completely turned my life upside down. I fell through the cracks, found myself completely alone and with no real support. The foundation of who I knew myself to be and who I thought I was completely crumbled. This led me to go through a plethora of different training and certifications and found that at the root of it all I had to clarify my authentic perspective on life, learn new coping mechanisms, expand my thought patterns and clear my energetic space so that I could actually begin my journey to rebuild and essentially upgrade my entire life. 

I was dedicated to moving forward in life and committed to gaining the tools I needed to build myself back up. I chose to become more aware of myself and began intentionally closing out the old lessons, cycles and patterns. I started to face everything and clear it all for good, walked away from relationships that were draining me, and left my old jobs that weren’t aligned with the best version of myself. I started taking the necessary actions to free myself from the life that had been laid out for me and rebuilt my foundation based on who I wanted to become to achieve the goals I had. I transformed everything from my past into personal empowerment. 

​There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The only way out of the stress, anxiety, struggle or overwhelm is to create a new foundation built for you and by you with an organized and clean internal landscape and a personalized toolbox for all of your needs. It’s time to take the leap, rise out of what you're stuck in, leave the worst parts of your story behind you and watch your dream life unfold in front of you. 

​What are you ready to upgrade in your life?


$400 - 3 Sessions

One call a week for 3 weeks.

Looking to upgrade your business, as a whole? Email me and ask to schedule a consultation, different offers and rates apply.


"This session has liberated something in me. I feel a sense of clarity and also compassion for myself that’s so empowering. Lo has a capacity to hold space for deep realizations not many have. As a conscious entrepreneur these insights are priceless to me. I could feel my gifts vibrate in my being. This tangible connection to how I best serve by being me feels like it’s gonna expand my business so much. She planted so many seeds that I know will blossom into more wisdom and self mastery in its sweet time. I loved how Lo intuitively knew where to go to bring exactly what I needed. Thank you! I truly recommend her work, so valuable!" ~Linda

"The true magic lay in Lauren's guidance on how to transform my challenges into catalysts for growth and empowerment. Her gentle encouragement and unwavering belief in my potential to evolve inspired me to take proactive steps toward personal and spiritual growth." ~Mistral

"I would definitely recommend working with Lo. She really wants to go deep into your mind and beliefs, to help you discover more of yourself, and she also will guide you properly with a lot of understanding of your human nature with compassion. Before my session I was curious to see what she would say and afterwards I felt a wonderful confirmation about how I am the way I am, or my soul path as well, so that is beautiful. I think the most important thing that I took from this is to be playful, but in a responsible way, to embrace my shadows with love." ~Jessica

"Working with Lo was super insightful and confirming of the direction that I'm taking in my career. I felt seen on a soul level, which is such a rare and amazing feeling. She helped me see that when I’m relaxed(rather than over-thinking) I radiate the essence of my power. This session encouraged me to step more fully into my power and natural leadership and also helped me stay on track when I doubt myself. Since this session I’ve been able to implement and be more aware of when I’m tempted to play small, I remember that I’m here to serve humanity on a global level and it helps me stay focused. I highly recommend working with Lo" ~Carey


It is not a promise that in your Divine timing you will receive all of this immediately upon completion. Your commitment to trusting your own process will be the most beneficial. 

Everyone’s journey is unique to them. 

I am not your healer, guru or your mother. I am not a doctor, a personal therapist or psychologist. I highly recommend consulting a dr if you have any reason for concern as to whether or not this work would be beneficial for you. 

I am here as a visionary leader, leading myself and guiding others towards a better way of life and health. 

You are your own leader, healer, friend and parent. 

You are a responsible adult, here to make your own choices and take accountability for your part and what it is you want. 

I only work with people who are committed to their own personal work. If you're not committed, please keep it moving.

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