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When you feel whole and complete you are strong in your sense of self, centered and relaxed in your being and empowered from the inside out.

You show up for yourself in ways that create opportunities aligned with your highest goals and achievements.

You feel less stressed, panicked and all over the place.

You become more focused, available, and calm. 


Embodiment Session

In this session we will give attention where it is most needed to break through any blocks and challenges and create a path forward that feels best for you and your goals.


Empowerment Package

3 Session Package - Dive deep into the challenges you face, clear and heal energetic blocks, and create a new path forward feeling more aligned and clear. 


The Embodied Self

4 Month 1:1 Work - Break free from the challenges you face for good, upgrade your energy and become a magnet to new experiences.

Together we will breakthrough all blockages and create a path towards freedom.


Empowered Prophecy

An 8 week live course of energetic and spiritual empowerment to become courageously confident, worthy of your deepest desires and embody main character energy in your life.

Lo offered me the gift of self acceptance, and affirmed with incredible clarity what my magic is and how I can serve others through this. Our reading allowed me greater creativity by actually relaxing into my inner rhythm and clarifying the voice of my intuition, rather than creating false urgency and unnecessary stress with my mind. 

I’m now more confident in slowing down when my body asks for it, which allows me to better anchor  into my genius! 

The gift of self-reflection is priceless — Lo gifted me practical insights to support and bring out my natural gifts.

Thank you Lo! ❤️

Aakrist Dongol

Breath Coach and Lightweaver

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