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All change comes from within first.
You want a better relationship, a more fulfilling job, to be more creative - look within.
You want to be more emotionally available, less snappy and more compassionate…time to look within. 


You see the dysfunction in your
- life
- environment
- work place
- family
and you know you have what it takes to create change.

You know how certain outdated behaviors have affected you and you’re ready to change those behaviors and be the example. 

You’ve put off the work because you've heard how hard it is, you don't want to be "woowoo", you feel the fear around it and you’re not sure what it means for you but deep down you know it can be easy, fun and done in a way that makes your life and the life of those around you so much better.

Maybe you don’t consider yourself a cycle breaker, but what if the problem you see is a cycle that’s gone on long enough in your life and you’re ready to be the one that says “no more, this ends with me”. 

You want to step out of the conditioned line of opinions and voices that aren’t yours, and stand boldly in your own voice in order to pursue the opportunity of being and doing it differently.

It doesn’t matter your age, where you’ve been or what you’ve done in the past. You are worthy of knowing who you are, understanding yourself and harnessing the beauty of your whole self. 

What would it feel like for you to walk through life confidently knowing without a doubt at the core of your being exactly who you are and what you want out of life?

You are an ambitious change maker and you’re ready, but where do you start?
How do you get the results you’re looking for?

You could invest in another course, continue to look into new modalities and tools but ultimately, what you want and need is to put the focus on you with individualized 1:1 support and attention, where the real, deep and long lasting transformation occurs.


Hi! I'm Lauren.

I used to believe being silent in situations that created pain within me would alleviate all of my problems, yet deep down I knew something was wrong when the problem consistently showed up in new ways and worse every time. The problem wasn’t outside of me and I realized that I wasn't taking care of the root of the problem.
I wanted change and I knew the change needed to happen within me first.
By being taught that my feelings weren't important in childhood I became an adult who still believed that everyone else’s feelings were more important than mine. Not realizing this was the problem, I became afraid to feel my feelings, express emotions and speak up for myself because I didn’t know where or how to start. I shoved them under the rug and just kept pushing through.  

In seeking to understand myself better, I embraced new knowledge. The lively energy I once poured into social gatherings transformed into a passion for wellness and spiritual practices. As a Reiki Master, I learned the vast pathways in the art of energy healing. My certification as an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Advanced Practitioner allowed me to explore the energetic space deeper and learn more emotional release techniques. The disciplines of Kundalini Yoga taught me the importance of how to release trauma stored in the body and the Gene Keys opened up new dimensions of awareness, confidence and self-expression. Developing a deeper practice in becoming a Psychic-Medium has taught me an understanding of so many new ways of connecting to the senses and beyond.

Today, drawing from 17 years experience as a bartender, 10 years as a hairstylist and makeup artist, combined with my extensive spiritual and wellness training, I've crafted processes that foster mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and energetic health. I’ve crafted a brand new inner landscape of strength, clarity and power and I’m watching as my outer landscape unfolds into my dreams.

I am humbled by the power that was entrusted in me to fulfill this work. In honor of the past, present and future, I am now openly sharing it with you.

Introducing Sacred Alchemy - a 3 Month journey to Self Mastery

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