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Sitting in the car that night next to the man that had just used physical violence against me and put a gun in my face, with the threat to kill me, my friends and himself. I was no stranger to knowing what it felt like to fear for my life and go into survival mode. With a list of failed relationships, traumatic physical, emotional and mentally abusive experiences, and volatile endings with men, I knew something needed to change. What was creating this complex pattern in my life? What was wrong with me?

Before beginning my personal empowerment, healing and transformational journey over 6 years ago I was a long time bartender(17 years) and a hairstylist and makeup artist(10 years), living a colorful life, enjoying the finer things in life while also indulging in some of the not so finer things. You could say work hard, play hard was certainly a motto of mine. 


My Story

I believed I could do it all, I knew it all and I didn’t need any help because I was used to believing I could do it all by myself or being let down if I did reach out. 

At the first stages of this particular awakening, I found myself overcommitted to and taking responsibility for things not meant for me, staying in misaligned situations way too long, and ignoring my needs and wants by constantly struggling with listening to what others believed to be true vs listening to what I knew to be true and ultimately was completely disconnected from myself, my goals and dreams. If someone around you needs help- you drop everything and help them first, right?

In an effort to protect myself I just kept burying myself deeper and deeper.

I needed a toolbox I could call my own to reclaim my independence and liberate myself as a sovereign individual. 

I was called into energy healing and became a certified Reiki Master. Knowing what was in my energy field was key to understanding what I was calling in, why I was experiencing the same situations on repeat and led me to explore how the environment I grew up in shaped my current reality. This led me to Kundalini yoga and straight into the depths of trauma healing to alchemize my creative potential, integrate past lessons and activate my soul’s true path. If you don’t integrate past lessons, you don’t actually learn anything. I knew this system worked, I witnessed the space it created within me to hold myself, my feelings and emotions first hand and awakened the writer in me and the ability to remember what I loved as a child. 

I met one of my greatest mentors and teachers to learn the boundaries and respect that I had been missing and needed my whole life. 

After the deep descent into the underworld to reclaim my spiritual essence, I realized I had a list of health diagnoses, suffering from chronic illnesses, mental overwhelm and other symptoms and needed to focus on the state of my physical health which led me on the path of becoming a certified health coach. A 6 month training, receiving a copious amount of information about food and nutrition, diets, finances, relationships, spirituality, social life, creativity, career, and more. To say the least, I was left with a plethora of paths to explore towards a holistic approach to health. 

I continued studies in NLP, tantric sexuality healing, emotional freedom techniques and business management. I even hired a specialized gut health coach whose focus was to help you trust your gut, and through her I was introduced to a new level of personal power and authority. 

Every training and program got me closer…to what? I wasn’t exactly sure, but the words *relax, *patience and *freedom just played on repeat. Wherever they showed up, I followed, accepted and surrendered in the best way I knew how. I would later come to realize I was building a bridge for myself over the depths of my human suffering built on sacrifices, choices and unconditional love and acceptance.

Over the past 3 years I found myself deep in the studies of the Human Design and Gene Keys systems. The world that holds these systems is vast and filled with gold. Through these systems I’ve been able to massively upgrade my energy by getting clear on my values, belief systems and the specific challenge themes I face in my shadow and the foundational pillars of my unique genius leading me towards core stability, and sustainable growth and integrity. From this I have found myself in a more centered, grounded and abundantly trusting, peaceful and calmer space. The depths and tiny crevasses these systems reached were exactly what I needed to finally clear the clutter from my internal world and fill my space with love, acceptance and peace. Evolving and thriving with mental clarity, empowered self mastery and leading a life of intentional open hearted unconditional love.

After years of learning new modalities, fighting and becoming more connected to the relentless soul and spirit within me - with no real change to inner or outside circumstances - the decision to trust, choose and embody the entirety of my being came after the darkest deep dive into “I’ve been doing this for so long?”, “how can I continue?”, “how will I make it to the other side of this pain, hurt, resentment, emotional turmoil and mental chaos??” With my outside circumstances of being unable to work, support myself or find even an ounce of peace, I had to make a decision.

The decision? 

I choose life. My life. My story. My needs and wants and I was determined to deeply connect to my goals and dreams again.


What would it take? My commitment to doing whatever it took. Overcoming the noise of the outside world’s opinions and expectations, feeling every fear, worry and doubt at its depth and choosing to embody and share my voice, listen to my body and intuition, and confidently and bravely claim the self mastery I’ve worked my ass off for. 

This decision made me realize that nothing will ever be the same again. There’s no going back to who I’ve been. 

Over the past 6 years I’ve intricately untangled myself from a web I was unconsciously caught in, letting go of the old piece by piece -no matter who or what I left behind - until all that was left was me. The journey wasn’t always about learning and adding and doing more things, but the more good, new and expansive experiences I gained, the easier it was for me to let go of everything that wasn’t me or worthy of taking up space. 

Pure, innocent, gentle, sweet little me, with a pinch of a fierce, badass, don’t F with me attitude and a whole lot of fearless courage is who I found. I learned that it didn’t matter who and what I lost anymore, as long as I never lose myself again, I’m bound to succeed. 

With the new understanding that it took consistency to create and build tangible results, that certainly did not happen overnight, I realized there is no sense in rushing anything that needs time to grow.

Throughout this journey I have learned that staying with and surrendering to the pain, commiting to learning, growth and development, awareness of my true self and some fierce boundaries to protect it all was the key to finding my way into authentic alignment and energetic self mastery. Here I’ve learned that I don’t have to do it all, I didn’t know everything, I still don’t know everything and none of that even matters. That help is a beautiful thing to receive when it is given from people you are inspired by and are embodied in their message. Listening and taking advice from people who are living a life that resembles one I was trying to create, as well as those that say what they mean and mean what they say became my guiding light. The opinions and judgments of those not doing the level of work I was doing no longer held weight. I learned that as long as I’m being present with myself and the moment, listening to my inner voice with conviction and choosing my goals and dreams, that's all I need to know I’m on the right path and I have everything I need no matter what life throws at me. Life will always feel better, brighter, more spacious and expansive when I listen to myself and take my own advice above all. I learned that I don’t have to do all the work for everyone else in order to be loved, accepted and worthy of a voice, perspective and authority in this life. All I have to do is the work that is my responsibility, hold myself accountable and keep showing up. I learned that no one, no issue, no problem, no matter who they are or what it is, is worthy of taking up space within me if it causes harm to me, my body or my peace. No matter how much I love someone, have feelings for them or want them to be okay and succeed - I am not a burial ground for others' pain. My ability to nurture and lift others up in their dreams, hearts and feelings is massive- honestly limitless, but without a healthy dose of being able to give that to myself…I was slowly killing myself and also teaching others that it was okay to treat me that way. But with my decision and commitment to do whatever it took - I was upgrading and that meant in order for others to stay in my life, that either wanted to or were meant to stay in my life, needed to be willing to do the work as well. 

The training, teachings, healing and everything I’ve done to get myself here provided a toolbox of healthy coping mechanisms for life to be beautiful and to help others free themselves and make their lives beautiful as well. 

So what’s the moral of the story? Sometimes in the darkest of times you realize that the people you love and care for the most are inaccessible. They’re inaccessible because it’s not for them…it’s your buried treasure that’s ready to be found. In these moments- you find yourself, let go of what everyone else thinks and choose what you want, what you think and what you’re being called to do.  These are the most profound experiences because it triggers our deepest wounds of separation(abandonment), guilt, rejection(betrayal), shame, denial, and repression. The deepest darkest wounds that make us human. No one can escape their piece of the karmic pie when it comes to this sacred human wound. 

However, we are not victims to our circumstance, it’s our responsibility to take accountability for what it is we are here to learn, overcome and create. This is how you catapult yourself forward in life. Drop the comparison. It’s not needed where you’re going. 

No one was born with your mission, purpose or destiny. If you’re being called to do something, listen to it (with discernment of course). Listen to your body and dig deep for your courage and stand proudly in your choices. 

These are the moments that force us into the realization of what rock bottom means and here we are presented with a powerful question - will you continue to bury yourself under the weight of it all or will you find your light, open your heart and rise?

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No one can live your life for you. 
Reclaim your story, space, power and purpose. 
Become the
Empowered Prophecy.

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A journey through healing the mind, body and spirit with an open heart and deep soul truth.

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