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Ever catch yourself thinking…

"I have this goal…so what do I do now?"

“I'm filled with ideas, but how do I create them into something someone will want?”

“I want this, but where and how do I get it?”

You’re not alone! 


Imagine waking up everyday with a deep knowing that your next right move is laying itself out beautifully for you. You’re confident in your plan of action to achieve your goals because you have trust, authenticity and truth at your core. You are the Main Character of your life.


It’s time to push past the glass ceiling of your current reality to tap into the potential that’s always been there, ready for the spotlight. 


Are you really looking for another quick fix course, another weekend training or another notch on your belt of certifications? Or are you ready to get the attention you need and the level up you're truly looking for with personalized 1:1 support? 


From single sessions to longer term commitments, there’s something for wherever you are on your journey!


Empowered Soul Session
90 minutes $325

We all need a boost every once in a while.

We’re confident, independent badasses that don’t need no one to tell us what to do and yet, sometimes we just need a little love and attention.

We need someone to say “I got you” and actually mean it.

From organizing ideas to achieving goals, to just needing someone to come in and breakthrough the bullshit in order to free us from the negativity of the world, this is the place to be.

Walk away from this 90 minute session feeling refreshed and renewed in your self confidence and the direction you’re taking in life.


Self Mastery Package
3 or 6 Month

$2,275-$4,650 paid in full or payment options available

You have a goal. You’re sitting on a gold mine of experience and knowledge and you’re trying to figure out what to do with it all. You need a starting point, a plan of action and a support system. What do you do?

You stop empowering the struggle and you set your soul free.

You feel your feelings, clear your self expression and effectively communicate your wants and needs. Watch everything else fall into place.

With processes to gain clarity on your inner landscape in order to bring your creativity to life, you will walk away from our work feeling nourished and alive!

3 months sets you up for a brand new cycle in life.
6 months will get through multiple layers and root in new processes for an epic transformation.


Sacred Wound Alchemy

Live Group Accelerator
Coming Soon

Client Wins

"The true magic lay in Lauren's guidance on how to transform my challenges into catalysts for growth and empowerment. Her gentle encouragement and unwavering belief in my potential to evolve inspired me to take proactive steps toward personal and spiritual growth."

Mistral Dodson

Human Design Mentor and Marketing Coach

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