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One of the main reasons people get stuck in their life?

They convince themselves that others have the master key to their problems.


Ever catch yourself thinking,

"Why does it look so effortless for them?"

"Do they know some secret I don't?"

"Why's my journey seem so much harder?"


Trust me, you're not alone in this.


The hard truth?
Many of us are living someone else's story. Whether it's a story passed down through family or one society says we should follow, it's not truly ours. It's like following a script that was written without us in mind.


We’re not standing on the ground we've built for ourselves but on someone else's. Made for a different time, for different love, for different goals, for different dreams, and for a different mission.


This disconnect makes a lot of us feel lost. We're scared to really tune in and listen to what our gut is telling us. The result? We look outside for answers, for someone to tell us we're on the right track, craving that external "thumbs up” or “gold star”.


But all that does is leave us spinning our wheels, overthinking things, messing up relationships, and never feeling truly settled with our money situation.

Now Imagine...

Every morning you wake up - not with dreadful doubts and swimming in anxiety, but with a deep sense of KNOWING. That’s right, you have everything you need.


What's that you have exactly?


You have the answers. You have the solutions.


They’re inside you, waiting to be unveiled. You just need the right question, the right direction, and the spark to set them free.


It's about pushing past the glass ceiling of your current reality and tapping into a potential that’s always been there, ready for the spotlight.


Remember, YOU hold the answers to your challenges. They're not out there, they're in you.


The only thing you NEED to truly thrive, is to create a foundation that is built from your unique desires and authentic genius.


If things aren’t going as planned, it’s probably because your energy is on others – their achievements, their opinions. Shift the focus back to YOU. That's where the magic happens.


Now, don't feel bad. Most of us were never taught this approach. But to truly find genuine happiness and fulfillment, it has to start with self.


Living on someone else's blueprint? No wonder you sometimes feel like running away. But here’s a revelation: the chaos around you? It’s their circus, not yours. It's high time to carve out a space just for you, a mental sanctuary. In doing so, you'll realize that even in solitude, there's profound peace and clarity.

True strength? It’s in crafting a life that's resilient against the critics and skeptics. It's about setting up a world that resonates with your unique pulse.


It's time to own your journey. Master your domain and embody the leading role you've always wanted to play.


This is how you find your home, your people, and your purpose.

If you’re ready to master yourself and unlock a radiant and purpose-driven life, it all boils down to these three things…

Recognize Your Worth

First things first: It’s high time you looked in the mirror and owned your worth. No more playing small or second-guessing. Ready to dive deep? It won’t always be rainbows, but to truly shine, you’ve got to face those feelings. But hey, with a little sass and guidance, we'll get through the mess together.


Uncover Who you Are

Enough of that “be like everyone else” nonsense. Here, we dig deep, weed out the BS, and get to the gold – the real YOU. Through killer exercises, we'll uncover your core and squash that pesky need for external validation. It's time to be unapologetically you, darling.


Build the New Vision

Dreaming big? You better be!! Let's kick those societal pressures to the curb and visualize and bring YOUR dream life to reality. With my unique tools, we’ll separate the genuine dreams from the should-haves. Because here’s the thing, your dreams? They’re not pointless; they’re your damn mission.

When it all comes together you will be walking into 2024 with a personal power and inner sanctuary that's built by YOU, for YOU.  You’ll have carved out your personal spaces from within tight-knit circles to family dynamics, all while leaving an undeniable mark on the world. And trust me, with a touch of Gene Keys's wisdom, this journey's about to hit new, unshakable heights for you.

Together, we're more than just healing; we're constructing a life of purpose, truth, and impact. Ready to revolutionize your world?


That’s what I’m here to help you do!

Meet Lauren!

Your Coach and Guide to Self Mastery

From a lively bartender to feeling trapped in my home, my journey has been one of deep transformation. I’ve faced health challenges doctors couldn't decipher, I have felt lost and sought answers outside of myself from people unqualified to help with my challenges. I came up against some harsh truths and had to overcome past pain, disappointments and lessons. But the real shift came when I realized the power to redefine my life was within me.

Back then, my feelings were so big they would overwhelm me, and I would seek validation from external sources. But the essence of self-mastery lies in understanding oneself, prioritizing our own well-being, and serving others from a place of overflow.

In seeking to understand myself better, I embraced new knowledge. The lively energy I once poured into social gatherings transformed into a passion for wellness and spiritual practices. As a Reiki Master, I learned the vast pathways in the art of energy healing. My certification as an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Advanced Practitioner allowed me to explore the energetic space deeper and learn more emotional release techniques. The disciplines of Kundalini Yoga taught me the importance of how to release trauma stored in the body and the Gene Keys opened up new dimensions of awareness, confidence and self-expression.


Today, drawing from 17 years experience as a bartender, 10 years as a hairstylist and makeup artist, combined with my extensive spiritual and wellness training, I've crafted processes that foster mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and energetic health. I’ve crafted a brand new inner landscape of strength, clarity and power and I’m watching as my outer landscape completely unfolds into my dreams.


I am humbled by the power that was entrusted in me to fulfill this work. In honor of the past, present and future, I am now openly sharing it with you.

Introducing Empowered Prophecy:

A Journey to Self-Mastery

Struggling with constant comparison, feeling lost in your own life, or looking for external validations to find your worth? It's time to recenter, reconnect, and boldly reclaim your unique purpose through 'Empowered Prophecy.'


Over this transformative 8-week program, you'll: 

- Dive deep into self-exploration and shed narratives that aren't authentically yours.

- Learn to stand firm on a foundation crafted by you, tailored to your desires and genius.

- Learn how to heal yourself, hold space for yourself, and show up for yourself, so you can then authentically support others.

- Gain the tools and strategies to create impenetrable boundaries that allow you to break free from cycles of anxiety and live a life rooted in genuine self expression and purpose.

- Connect intimately with your mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and energetic spaces -embracing a holistic perspective.

- Harness the power of the Gene Keys to unlock your innate potential and brilliance.


With live group sessions, 1:1 personalized coaching, and a supportive community, you'll learn to validate your feelings, tune into your intuition, and take command of your life's direction. Go beyond traditional self-help paradigms, embrace your unique truth, and become the master of your domain.


Are you ready to transition from a life of doubt to one of empowered self-awareness? Your future self is cheering for you, and so am I. Join us on this life-changing journey and step into 2024 with clarity, purpose, and unwavering self-belief.


What You Get

8 Live Group Calls:
Step by step, I'll personally guide you through my transformative techniques focused on healing, releasing, and integrating. Elevate your journey to self-improvement and empowerment, and as a bonus, take part in one of my signature Full Moon Ceremonies.


Three Personalized 1:1 Sessions:
- Session 1 (Weeks 2-3): Kick-start with clarity, defining your goals and identifying any blocks.
- Session 2 (Weeks 4-5): A midpoint check-in providing clarity and personal support, offering you the encouragement needed to keep propelling forward.
- Gene Keys Reading (Weeks 7-8): Delve deep into the Gene Keys, illuminating insights that can reshape your personal journey.

Join a circle of passionate souls, sharing a journey and crafting friendships that will transcend the confines of this program. It's more than a network; it's a community for life.


Lifetime Access to Course Material:
Your empowerment journey doesn't have an expiration date. Revisit, refresh, and re-energize anytime with unrestricted access to all the course content.

Exclusive Beta Opportunity:

By joining the first round of this program, you’re getting a unique chance to shape its future. As we’re in the Beta phase, we will be actively refining and enhancing the content based on feedback. This means your insights and experiences will be invaluable in molding the course. Plus, as early participants, you may even receive additional content or features as we evolve. Embrace the journey of co-creation and be at the forefront of this transformative experience!



Payment Options Available

A Heartfelt Reminder

If the thought of facing yourself head-on makes you uneasy, perhaps this course isn't for you. Not right now, at least.


I've seen countless individuals enrolling in courses hoping for an overnight transformation. But that's not how genuine change occurs. Real self-improvement demands confronting the obstacles, the habits, and the mindset that's been keeping you in a loop. If you're not quite there yet, that's perfectly okay. Sometimes, it really is about the right timing.


Be kind to yourself. Recognize where you are, and perhaps the next course cycle will resonate more. When the moment's right, you'll know. Begin that journey of listening to your inner voice. Trust me, your future self will be grateful.

I also want to remind you that when you enroll in a course, it's not about pledging loyalty to the coach. It's a commitment to yourself. It's about prioritizing your growth, evolution, and well-being. By enhancing one facet of your life, others naturally improve.


You're giving yourself permission to evolve, to reclaim aspects of yourself that might have been neglected. To believe, experience, and perceive differently. To voice your feelings and needs without hesitation. Here, in this space, you're encouraged to embrace every facet of yourself, even those you've felt were unloved. It's a journey of self-rediscovery.


So, as 2024 approaches, where do you see yourself? Lost in the same old cycle or stepping confidently into a community of self-aware individuals? Picture this: six months down the line, will you be entangled in stress and indecision, or will you have laid the groundwork for holistic fulfillment?


Fast forward a year, envision the progress, the boundaries you've set, and the profound self-understanding you've achieved. Your future self is not just an observer; they're your biggest fan.


From my journey, I can vouch that embracing accountability and crafting a life authentic to oneself is game-changing. It empowered me to navigate my inner world with grace, to uphold my self-worth, and to make conscious choices about the energies I entertain.


So if you’re here, and you’re ready to start your transformation of breaking free from that relentless anxiety and pain, and eager to reclaim your narrative then brace yourself. 


The moment to choose is now.
Embark on this journey of self-discovery, and let Empowered Prophecy guide you to your best self. 

Your future is just a click away.


While I bring a wealth of experience and certifications to the table, it's essential to understand that I am not a licensed therapist, psychologist, or doctor. The Empowered Prophecy program is crafted as a personal journey, offering avenues for self-exploration and is designed strictly for educational and entertainment purposes.


Please remember that outcomes vary from person to person and there are no guaranteed results. Ultimately, you bear the responsibility for your thoughts, words, well-being, and actions during and after the program.

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