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Meet Lauren!


From a lively bartender to feeling trapped in my home, my journey has been one of deep transformation. I’ve faced health challenges doctors couldn't decipher, I have felt lost and sought answers outside of myself from people unqualified to help with my challenges. I came up against some harsh truths and had to overcome past pain, disappointments and lessons. But the real shift came when I realized the power to redefine my life was within me.


Back then, my feelings were so big they would overwhelm me, and I would seek validation from external sources. But the essence of self-mastery lies in understanding oneself, prioritizing our own well-being, and serving others from a place of overflow from a solid energetic foundation.

In seeking to understand myself better, I embraced new knowledge. The lively energy I once poured into social gatherings transformed into a passion for wellness and spiritual practices. As a Reiki Master, I learned the vast pathways in the art of energy healing. My certification as an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Advanced Practitioner allowed me to explore the energetic space deeper and learn more emotional release techniques. The disciplines of Kundalini Yoga taught me the importance of how to release trauma stored in the body and the Gene Keys opened up new dimensions of awareness, confidence in my genius and authentic self-expression. Becoming a Health Coach allowed me to realize the importance of living a balanced life. Developing a deeper practice in becoming a Psychic-Medium has taught me an understanding of so many new ways of connecting to the senses, source and beyond. And most recently, training in Hypnotherapy I was able to learn how to create more positive and safe spaces for myself that have allowed me to finally end the suffering of being caught in the tight loops of negative thoughts and cycles. 

Today, drawing from 17 years experience as a bartender, 10 years as a hairstylist and makeup artist, combined with my extensive spiritual and wellness training, I've crafted processes that foster mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and energetic health. I’ve crafted a brand new inner landscape of self respect, strength, clarity and personal empowerment and I’m watching as my outer landscape unfolds into my dreams.

I am humbled by the power that was entrusted in me to fulfill this work. In honor of the past, present and future, I am now openly sharing it with you.

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