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Welcome Home

In this house we learn how to...


Feel Our Feelings


Clear Our Self Expression


Effectively Communicate Our Wants and Needs


Lauren's Story

From a lively bartender to feeling trapped in my home, my journey has been one of deep transformation. I’ve faced health challenges doctors couldn't decipher, I have felt lost and sought answers outside of myself from people unqualified to help with my challenges. I came up against some harsh truths and had to overcome past pain, disappointments and lessons.

But the real shift came when I realized the power to redefine my life was within me.

Client Wins

"The true magic lay in Lauren's guidance on how to transform my challenges into catalysts for growth and empowerment. Her gentle encouragement and unwavering belief in my potential to evolve inspired me to take proactive steps toward personal and spiritual growth."

Mistral Dodson

Human Design Mentor and Marketing Coach


Are you ready to start giving yourself the love you deserve?

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